Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mini Review The Wedding Ringer (2015): STAY CLEAR, IT'S HORRIBLE!

genre: comedy

This is easily one of the worst comedies I have ever seen in my entire life. Even those bad spoof movies have more going on for them. Just to paint you a picture of what kind of level of comedy you should be expecting. There are very brief glimpses of what could have been brilliant moments. But they never manifest. I could go on how bad this is but I will keep it restricted and short:


Review Chappie (2015): I want to adopt Chappie!

genre: science fiction, action, adventure, drama

Chappie from Neill Blomkamp director and creator District 9 is back with a new sci fi adventure unlike you have seen before. It has all the action and thrills but even more so is able to connect to you in ways that rarely happens in movies these days. Chappie has heart. It tries to tell a simple tale about a droid who suddenly is able to feel and think for himself. Most of the film is about Chappie discovering the world in all it's reality. How Chappie connects to this world and the people in it is what gives it it's edge. Especially the dynamics between him and his adoptive mother Yolandi. Hugh Jackman is a supporting character and you never have seen him like this. You will really dislike him a lot in this one. He is one of the most despicable and sleaziest villain ever portrayed on the big screen. And pay attention to his hairdo. It will haunt you in your dreams. Now in my opinion Chappie deserves far more praise than it has gotten. I agree it is different from what I expected it to be but that is what actually made me like it more. If it had been more like Transformers or Terminator then it would have lost all originality. At least now events were kept small and very relatable. And it was very nice to see artificial intelligence at the very start. This child like creature is pure and absorbs everything that is thrown at him for good or bad. It's interesting to see Chappie develop throughout the film. Another complaint I have read is that Chappie is considered light substance wise. I beg to differ. If anything it has far more substance but it is done very subtly. It lets you make up your own mind about the topics being discussed. Overall though Chappie is an incredibly entertaining and moving viewing experience. Don't let the negative reviews discourage you from watching this. It's a must watch for sure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review The Lazarus Effect (2015): A little Flatliners, a sniff of Pet Semetary but a whole bunch of crap!

genre: horror

The Lazarus Effect has a very interesting premise and started quite promising. If only they had attempted to do something exceptional with it. It never sticks out and if anything it is incredibly predictable. Which I was prepared for as long as the film would had offered me something that would keep me interested. But it never does. One main problem is that everything is bland. There is no depth to any of the characters or the story. Event wise not a whole lot is happening. And when it does you hardly care since we don't really like the characters. Like I said there was a lot of promise especially because of one creepy scene. But having seen the whole film (although struggling to keep awake) it seemed more like a fluke than competence.

Please don't go watch this movie. It's not even good enough to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There is no fun to be had whatsoever. SKIP THIS ONE!

Site News: Viva Mexico!

Toluca (Metepec)

Buenos dias damas y caballeros,

which translates into: 

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen,

As you might have noticed I have not been posting for a couple of weeks now. That was because I was on a well deserved vacation to Mexico. Easily the best one I have had in my lifetime. For a number of reasons of which I am not going into it now. But as a film fan I of course could not stay away from the cinema and will write the reviews for the movies I have watched over there. Plus will be posting regularly from now on again.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review Skyfall (2012)

genre: action, adventure, spionage, james bond

Yes, he is. And how. Craig is more suave (honestly, you Craig haters, how can you not see that he is a very good Bond). So while I enjoyed Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace I could never shake the nostalgia for the older films in the franchise. And I think Sam Mendes had the same feeling. It is hard to explain this without spoiling but in Skyfall it is the first time I was able to enjoy the movie without looking back. One thing though and this might be a little disappointing for some.While there are good action scenes they are never of those epic and ridiculous nature that always made the Bond movies stand out. But they are exciting and intense nevertheless because there is a personal component involved through Bond. And he really is more like he was in the olden days. You see the character growing. Which is very rare. For people getting worried. Don't. Skyfall is filled with references and plenty of Bond moments to satisfy the fans.The plot in itself is not that special and is completely in service of the journey Bond has to go through. But like I said it is involving and exciting. And at the end of that journey you will smile and look forward to Bond's next adventure. I agree with the majority.(Which also is quite rare.) Skyfall is the best James Bond in the reboot series. Go watch it! 

Review Cheerleader Camp (1988)

a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms 

genre: slasher, horror

Cheerleader Camp a.k.a. Bloody Pom Poms, you read it Bloody Pom Poms! How can you go wrong with this title. As it turns out incredibly wrong. Not only does Cheerleader Camp fails as a cheesy Eighties horror film it also fails as a parody on those cheesy Eighties horror movies. But strangely it is freakin hilarious nonetheless. How does that compute? Well,the actors really do their best in being serious and straight faced and all. Only their delivery is atrocious at best. They are not helped by the fact that the so called suspenseful and twisty story lines are predictable from the start. Because the way the main actors act simply give it away. That and the fact that the director fails to grasp how to implement red herrings. What more does Cheerleader camp has to offer?Cheerleaders off course. Enough beautiful ones to gaze at although for the most part it is kept clean and not sleazy at all. Mr.Director you really failed here. A title like this is begging for full out sleaziness. With not much going in character development, storytelling, suspense wise or even jokes with a little sexual innuendo would have done wonders. I mean let's be real here.That is what the majority of the viewers were hoping for. Anyway,there are some gruesome deaths where at the moment only one comes to mind that sticks out. No pun intended (you will get the joke when you see this particular scene)! Can I recommend this title?Hmmmm, hmmmmm, still thinking, hmmmmmm........NO, I can't.There are a lot of Eighties horror films out there that were superior to this in any way but did not even get half of the appreciation this one got. So no I have to be strict in this case. If you happen to catch this title somewhere by accident then you might be able to enjoy it. The randomness and the silliness is infectious but again as a horror it fails miserably.  

Review Haunter (2013)

 genre:mystery, horror

The best description I can give of Haunter that it feels like a very well done episode of The Twilight Zone. Haunter has much more going on but there are some elements that detract from the viewing experience. The mystery that is presented to us is solid. You do wonder what it's going on however for fans of the genre it is pretty obvious from early on. Even then Haunter manages to creep you out to the maximum with minimal means. There are quite a few moments where you feel your heart pumping with excitement. Only at one point when it becomes clear what is going on it begins to drag. And really annoyingly. Here is where The Twilight Zone analogy comes in. The story is creepy and compelling enough for a duration of 50 minutes then every event after is just there to prolong those 50 minutes. Basically this movie would be excellent as an episode of an anthology series as The Twilight Zone but as a full film it can become quite tedious. Still overall I think this film shows how horror does not need blood or gore to manage to scare or freak you out. And I wished more contemporary films would follow this example. Definitely worth the watch, but be aware that after the first hour it can become tasking to remain watching. Although when you do you will get a satisfying ending.